welcome to reci development. My name is Colin reci, the face behind the hexagon. I am a full-stack developer with proficiency in a variety of coding languages and technologies. my motto is “if you can dream it, I can develop it!” I am interested in exploring everything from the simplest line of html to the deep chasms of server development.

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full-stack development can mean so many things to different people. so allow me to go into a little more detail about how i can assist you on your next development project.


if you have any backend development needs, i have you covered. I have proficiency in PHP, Custom Drupal Sites, Python, Perl, Bash, Composer, and more

I can also create Laravel stand-alone web applications from scratch as well as Laravel custom integrated WordPress Dev Sites tailored to clients’ needs

i have all of the knowledge and expertise to handle any of your front end needs. explore the next tab for more information on my expertise

proficiency in XHTML, HTML5, CSS, SASS specifically SCSS, LESS, Java, JavaScript, NodeJS, Vue, React, Framer, CosmicJS, Groovy, EmberJS, Angular, JQuery, Ruby, Ruby on Rails (RoR)

Utilizing a mix of mainly Objectivce-C, toss in a bit of swift and a bit of C for some accelleration, wait 30 minutes, and you have a fully backed app, whether it is a iOS app or a macos desktop app, you have the right mix for the framework and foundation.